Tammy McEwen, Creative Memories, FOREVER

I have always had a passion for photos!

As a little girl, I can remember dumping the shopping bag full of photos my mom kept in the hall closet onto the floor and looking through them! As a teenager I took as many photos as I could afford to develop (anyone remember film cameras?!) and made sure they went into albums. As an adult with a busy lifestyle, I still take as many photos as I can of nature, kids, events, the dog and more.

I found scrapbooking in 1997 and have created hundreds of albums for myself, my children, friends, co-workers and clients. I simply love putting photo stories together in keepsake albums and helping others do the same. Whether it’s a paper scrapbook album, or custom printed photo book, the end result is memories saved and cherished.

I started Photos2Albums as a way to help people do the same; celebrate their photos and memories!