A Photo A Day

A Photo A Day – May

Create your own daily photo journal by taking A Photo A Day!

How is your May Photo A Day challenge? Haven’t started, well today is a good day to start! A Photo A Day all about sharing your life, what moves you, inspires you, challenges you and offer a glimpse of what your life was like this year – so go ahead grab your camera/smartphone and start capturing your life – A Photo A Day!

Use these prompts to help fill in those days when you’re at a loss for a photo to take.

Miss a day? Don’t stress about it! Use these prompts to take a bulk of photos to use for the days you miss. As you go, or at the end of the month, add your photos to your Photo A Day scrapbook. I’m creating mine digitally, and will print it at the end of the year, but why not create traditionally too so you can create your layouts as you go at the end of each week!

Tammy McEwen - Photos2Albums - A Photo A Day Challenge - May


Here’s my layout for Week 17 & 18! Just keep it simple!

Tammy McEwen - Photos2Albums - A PHOTO A Day - Week 17 & 18

Happy Scrapbooking!

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