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A World of Hearts

Welcome to our Creative Life Scrapbooking Pajama Party featuring Theme Packs from Creative Memories! Pop by our Creative Life Facebook Page each hour for a new Theme Pack to be featured! And I’ll be here for the 6:00PM ET hour that is all about some Puppy Love and the #AWORLDOFHEARTS movement that is sweeping across the globe!

For many of us, our routines have changed during this time of social distancing, but for me, I have worked from home for a couple years now, so not too much is different for me. Part of my daily routine is to take our Little Chloe (Beagle/Lab mix) for a walk mid-morning, it’s a nice break in my day. We know the neighborhood inside and out! But these last few weeks have been different. The streets are quieter, people keep their distance, more people say ‘hello’ and there are signs of community and solidarity popping up all over. And the scrapbooker in me thought that this is what I should be documenting, our community coming together in a time of separation.

So, what better kit to use to document these photos? The Puppy Love Theme Pack from Creative Memories, of course! Featuring blues, hearts and paw prints it was perfect for these photos!

Now, as you know, I am a simple scrapbooker, but I thought this layout needed some extra embellishing than I’m used to, to commemorate the #AWORLDOFHEARTS that we are encountering on our walks. So, what better way than to make a shaker heart as a tribute to our essential workers and those who are honouring them. See below for instructions on how to create this layout.

Tammy McEwen - Photos2Albums - Puppy Love Theme Pack - Creative Memories - #aworldofhearts

Supply List:

  • CM Puppy Love Theme Pack
  • CM Blue, Cloud and White Cardstock
  • CM White Sans Serif ABC/123 Stickers
  • CM Tape Runner, Repositionable Tape Runner
  • CM Precision Point Adhesive
  • CM Foam Squares
  • CM Custom Cutting System with Geometric Template
  • CM 12” Trimmer
  • CM Camera Love Punch
  • CM Border Maker System with Double Heart Cartridge
  • CM Page Protector

Tammy McEwen - Photos2Albums - Sketch



  • Use two sheets of cardstock for the background (it doesn’t matter what you use, it will be covered)
  • Cut one sheet of blue paper from the Puppy Love Theme pack into four – 3” x 12” strips.
  • Adhere to the top and bottom of each of the background pages


STEP TWO – From the Orange Stripe paper:

  • Cut one sheet in half and place in the center of the background cardstock.
  • From the second sheet, cut a 5” x 12” strip, then cut that diagonally
  • Place the diagonal strips in the top left and bottom right of each page.


STEP THREE – From the blue cardstock:

  • Cut two ¼” x 12” strips, adhere the picket fence sticker to each, covering the openings.
  • Adhere to the triangle trips on each page, trimming excess.
  • Cut a strip of hearts using the Border Maker System and Double Heart Cartridge to use for the shaker heart, reserve for shaker heart.


STEP FOUR – From the Cloud Cardstock:

  • Cut a strip of hearts using the Border Maker System and Double Heart Cartridge to use for the shaker heart.


STEP FIVE – From the White Cardstock:

  • Cut a strip of hearts using the Border Maker System and Double Heart Cartridge to use for the shaker heart.
  • Cut two more Border Maker Double Heart strips to use as embellishments on the layout.
  • Cut a Camera Love shape


STEP SIX – Photos & Embellish

  • Adhere six 3.75” x 5.75” photos to the center of the Orange Stripe Paper.
  • Adhere Double Heart Border Maker Hearts as shown
  • Adhere ABC/123 Stickers for the title
  • Adhere Shaker Heart (see video for instructions)
  • Adhere decorative stickers as desired


Watch this quick video on how to make a shaker embellishment.


So, what do you think? Can you imagine creating a layout like this? Could you swap out the Theme Pack for a different Theme Pack? This has so many possibilities! You can create this layout in a snap!

Happy, Happy Scrapbooking!

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