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Festive Summer Treats

Barbeques, Picnics, Denim… the Festive Fourth collection is perfect for summer celebrations big or small! I’m excited to share my Creative Life Scrapbooking #FeatureProject Friday post with you!

The Summer of 2020 is all about celebrating the everyday moments that make life special. For me, sitting in the backyard enjoying a childhood treat with my adult daughter was one of those moments, good thing the camera was close by when Little Chloe decided she wanted a taste too!

I couldn’t wait to scrapbook these photos, I knew the Festive Fourth (even though I’m a Canadian) would be perfect! The blues, reds and gingham were perfect!

Festive Summer Treats - Photos2Albums - Tammy McEwen

For this layout, the layered timeline photos are highlighted with white mats using the Stamping Blade with the Creative Memories 12″ Trimmer and then matting them again with coordinating printed papers from the festive Fourth Paper Pack, using the straight blade.


  • Creative Memories Festive Fourth Paper Pack
  • Creative Memories Festive Fourth Sticker Pack
  • Creative Memories 12″ Trimmer and Stamping Blade
  • Creative Memories Tape Runner & Foam Squares

The base of the layout is the blue watercolour paper, the blue gingham is the focal point we’ll layer the photos on, then adding the popsicle paper along one side and decorative papers on the other side to mimic the colours of the rocket popsicles – fun!

The trick here is to know how the Postage Stamp Blade Cuts the paper and adjust your cut placement accordingly. Sometimes I forget to use the different blades for the 12″ Trimmer, but in this case, the decorative edge of the photo mats really are what makes this layout so fun and the photos pop!

Placement of the embellishment clusters is also key in this layout where there are a lot of patterns (6!) on the page. The eye is drawn from the top left, to the far center, to the bottom left corner- exactly where you want it to be drawn too!

Festive Fourth - Photos2Albums - Tammy McEwen

LOVE the layout? Here is the sketch!

Tammy McEwen - Photos2Albums - 07032020 Blog Sketch

So, what do you think? Can you imagine creating a fun summer layout like this?

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Happy, Happy Scrapbooking!

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