Tammy’s End of 2020 Page Challenge

Looking to complete a few more scrapbooking pages in 2020? Need some inspiration?

If you’re like me, maybe you had ambitious page completion goals for 2020. Maybe you’ve succeeded or surpassed your goals or maybe you are way behind. Unless there is a gifting deadline, there really is no pressure to create, you can simply enjoy the process. And that’s where I have helped so many this year. By hosting challenges that inspire page completion, community and enjoying the process of creating. So, let’s end 2020 with a fun little (FREE) scrapbooking challenge!

I invite you to JOIN my 20-Page End of 2020 FREE Challenge! I have selected 10 of my favourite 2020 2-page sketches from Creative Memories and complied them to inspire you to complete some album pages in the last few days of 2020!

Complete the registration form and you’ll be invited to join a private Facebook Group where the FREE challenge will take place. Click here for complete details:

For this challenge, simply complete the challenge layouts you choose, share on the respective post in the Facebook group and you’ll be entered into the FREE DRAW! Complete one challenge layout or all ten challenge layouts, it’s up to you!

The Prize: ONE Membership into my Winter 2020 Crop Club ($100 value). If you have already registered, you’ll receive a refund – click here for details. Register for my Winter 2020 Crop Club by January 5th and SAVE $25! Complete details on how to earn tickets and BONUS Tickets are posted in the challenge Facebook Group.

So, do you have some pages you’d like to finish up in 2020? Why not JOIN this challenge!

Click here for complete details:

Happy Scrapbooking!


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