Celebrate 2023 with my 365-52 Challenge!

I Invite you join me to be inspired 2023! A virtual challenge with weekly inspiration to capture A PHOTO A DAY (365) and complete 52 SCRAPBOOK LAYOUTS to celebrate 2023! 

Tammy’s 365-52 Challenge 2023 includes:

  • Membership into an EXCLUSIVE Facebook Group
  • Prompts to inspire you to capture a photo a day and to complete a layout a week
  • Tips, inspiration, ideas and motivation all year long!

START ANYTIME! Even if you miss a few days at the beginning or along the way, the photo prompts will help you ‘fill in the blanks’ at any time!

To Join:

  • Complete the registration form by clicking the button below,
  • The registration fee is just $25 for the entire year, no additional payments are required. 

Why a registration fee? To cover the cost of managing this challenge, technology, and training. PLUS, it shows you are committed to your album making, and you are more likely to participate and complete!

From a 2021 Photo A Day Challenge Member:

My Top 5 reasons for signing up for 365-52:

  1. Over the holidays I was reminded (again!) that I did not do the 2022 Photo A Day Challenge like previous years and guess what? I don’t have the completed pages to review and reflect on. Note to self:  What gets scheduled, gets done!  Love that you ask us to post after each week so even if we miss a few days or weeks it’s easy to get back on track.
  2. Love a challenge and the accountability that goes with it. Ensures that I keep scrapbooking as a ‘must do’ activity and not a ‘when I get around to it’
  3. Love the motivation and inspiration that Tammy and the participants provide. Always something new, something different to see.
  4. For less than 7 cents a day I am reminded all year long why scrapbooking is so important to me and my family.  This will be the best investment with the highest return you make this year!
  5. I am sooo behind in so many scrapbooking projects but when I’ve done this challenge before always at the end of the year I have the whole year scrapbooked!

Am booked and ready for 2023! Thank You Tammy!

So, what do you think? Can you imagine celebrating 2023 with a photo a day a layout a week?

Happy Scrapbooking!


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