Artisan 5

Creating Photo Title in Artisan 5

#6 Vietnam

I’m excited to share my first VIDEO on how to create a title using a photo in FOREVER Artisan 5 Digital Scrapbooking Software!

Click Here to view the Video

I LOVE using a photo to create a title on an album page because I know the colours will always match the photos I will be using on the page. This video shows how to cut a title out of a photo to use on a digital album page plus, it’s shares few tips along the way!

The “Vietnam” album page shown above is a title page I created to introduce a new ‘chapter’ in an album I am making for my daughter’s trip to South-East Asia in 2014. I will be creating similar title pages for each chapter in her album for Cambodia, Laos and Thailand.

Click here to watch the video on how to create this title!

Happy Scrapbooking,

Tammy 🙂

#6 Cambodia#6 Laos


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