Artisan 5

Artisan 5 Update Tutorial

FOREVER has released an update for it’s Artisan 5 Software and it’s FREE!

Take a look at this quick VIDEO that takes you step-by-step on how to do the update for your software.

Updated features include:

*Reset to Defaults link at the bottom right-hand side in the tool panel (This is for the users who are unhappy with the tools always remembering their last used values)
*Artisan/Historian will now request the updated metadata for an image when you ‘Get Photos from your Forever account’
*When importing files from Forever into Artisan/Historian with the same name it will now bring in all photos (Not just one of them multiple times)
*Importing files from Forever into Artisan/Historian can now have characters in it such as ‘, #,\
*When converting to a smaller size the text boxes will now convert
*No more disappearing Options icon next to Spreads on the View ribbon
*When selecting two color option for gradient it will now show both colors
*Preview on page option will now work when working in the gradient
*Scanned photos and/or FB photos will now be allowed to be saved in Artisan once you edit them (no more error not a win32)
*Simplify the Insert Text Tool – One step
*Ability to scroll through all tags
*White strip issue is fixed for page prints
*Simple & Compound stroke will now be applied when a text box is created
*Importing content will now reflect .package, .sbkit, and .pakit
*A feature to disable the double click action
*Calendars will have a blank template with 2017 dates

Enjoy the updates!


Happy Scrapbooking,

Tammy 🙂

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