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ONE WORD – Inspiration for a year-long-journey

ONE WORD… it’s intriguing how ONE WORD can impact your life, inspire a journey, spark a change and guide your year.  I invite you to join me on a journey of wellness in 2020 by choosing a word that will inspire your year and joining our ONE WORD Challenge.

In 2019, I introduced an exercise of choosing ONE WORD as a “Word of the Year” to a small group of Scrapbookers and Team Members.  A few of them used the guide I created to choose ONE WORD to carry with them throughout the year.  This word impacted their daily lives, helped them through challenges, reminded them of their path, and overall helped to create a sense off wellbeing.


“My daily life was enriched by participating in the One Word Challenge.  My personal word, Embrace, helped me participate in daily life with enthusiasm and reflection.  I cannot count the number of times I took a deep breath and thought of my word during different situations.  I had no idea the One Word Challenge would have such an impact on me.  The One Word Challenge is one of the best Well-Being practices there is.” – Joan M.

“My word of the year was “complete”.  It helped me sharpen my focus and acknowledge personal achievements as I moved through each month.” – Lynda K.


Some even took the idea of ONE WORD and used the Happy Album from Creative Memories to create a wellness journal that incorporated a monthly calendar, photos, journaling, and keepsakes.  Take a look at a few photos from my ONE WORD Happy Journal.
One Word, Word of the Year, Tammy McEwen, Creative Memories


How can ONE WORD impact your life?  How will a challenge help you on your wellness journey?  Watch the video.  Then join the challenge and together we’ll be inspired to live by our ONE WORD and begin our personal journey to wellness.


Session #1 Membership Includes:

  • Word of the year digital download workbook.
  • Exclusive Facebook Group membership to keep you motivated.
  • Inspirational posts to help you live by your word.
  • Worksheets to see how your word is helping you, what you need to work on and to help you set goals for the next month.
  • Ideas or sketches to use in your Word of the Year Happy Album.
  • Monthly accountability challenge to keep you on track each month of the challenge.
  • Motivation, friendship, and fun with others looking to inspire change and wellness in their lives too.
  • And more!
Click here for more information and to join the challenge:


I look forward to a year of inspiring you on your wellness journey

Happy Scrapbooking!

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4 thoughts on “ONE WORD – Inspiration for a year-long-journey”

  1. My word for 2019 was “integrity”!
    2019 had many ups and downs so I don’t feel that I fully embraced my chosen word throughout the year. For the most part, I believe I maintained integrity in my personal and professional life, with some bumps along the way (okay, maybe those bumps were the size of mountains) however as 2019 comes in an end, I can hold my head high, put one foot in front of the other and say “I’m a good person”!
    Happy New Year to all

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    1. A powerful ONE WORD choice Barb! ‘Integrity’ can help us through many situations in our lives and yes, it serves as a reminder to choose the right path during those bumps and that yes, we are a good person! Happy Happy New Year to you! Looking forward to what your 2020 ONE WORD is!


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